Custom Udev rules at boot


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I would like to enable SR-IOV for a specific network interface at boot time.


I have several network interfaces in the server. 
I would like to activate SR-IOV for one of these interfaces and then Combine the VFs to a pool with virsh.


Due to the network pool, SR-IOV must be active before starting the libvirt service and therefore activation with the go-script is not possible.


Activation via module parameters (config/modprobe.d) is an option, but all interfaces are of the same type and SR-IOV would be activated for all of them (which in my case means the creation of 256 VFs).
Furthermore, Intel has marked the module parameter as deprecated and will remove it in the long term.



Therefore the only option is the Activation with udev (recommended by Intel), for example with the following rule


SUBSYSTEM=="pci", ACTION=="add", KERNEL=="0000:81:00.1", DRIVER=="ixgbe", ATTR{vendor}=="0x8086", ATTR{device}=="0x10fb", ATTR{sriov_numvfs}="63"

Unfortunately Unraid currently does not offer the possibility to execute your own udev rules at start time.



Please give the user the opportunity to store their own udev rules on the stick, which will be executed at boot.

For example, like config/modprobe.d, an folder config/rules.d.


Many thanks

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