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Thoughts about Setting up an unraid Server - About wasting your life maintaining your IT

Rob J

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Hi Folks!


At the Moment i am the new one 🙂 Thank you for letting me take part.

Today was a typically Friday - working, calculating some things, doing some stuff - BAM - don't know what happened, but there it is: THE IDEA.


It was clear. Of course. Why haven't I came to this conclusion earlier?


That's the thing:

I am working on a Windows notebook, gaming on a second Machine, saving stuff on my NAS, running Docker stuff on the NAS, cables covering floors in my apartment to connect all these stuff. Notebook of my Wife, Playstation in the living room multiple controllers, gaming PC of the daughter. "Hey this device is to slow", "Hey i need some more storage", "Hey Dad, why is your computer this fast and mine not?" - Adding memory here, adding storage there, upgrading cpu here, new cable there - feels like im at work in my time off. NO! Spent 15 Years now doing that. NO!!! I'm done. Won't do that anymore. There has to be a solution.

Could it be UNRAID? I Hope so.


My thoughts and hopes (i appriciate you taking your time to saving me wasting mine):

Okay, serveral Devices here, that i have to put into one, but mainly:

- NAS Storage

- Gaming PC 2x

- Docker Host for ~12 vms

- MSSQL Database

- really small virtualized Windows Server (ATM: 2 Cores, 8GB memory, 60GB Storage)


Goals i want to archive:

- less maintanence

- less power consumption

- better performance for 2nd gaming pc (runs hdd atm, should be an ease)

- less waste of hardware

- less cables


Access to gaming VMs, via Notebooks.


My worries are, that UNRAID is in general capable of combine these stuff, but that i will have to accept losses in gaming performance.

gaming systems actually are configured with (16GB Memory, i7 4900K, 120Hz Monitor, 2070 Super Amp) -> playing Multiplayer First Person Shooters. I'm afraid of the latency that i will add by playing via an virtualized client.

  • Do i have to worry?
  • Can i compensate these latency?
  • Should i consider a special Hardware for this purpose (thought about i9 extreme or a small xeon (maybe dual xeon / should i consider AMD - read about latency and incopatibility, but like the huge amount of cores), planning to use both 2070s, get new MB, CPU, RAM -> budget around $2000)

Don't get me wrong - not that i want you, to waste your time writing an essay - a simple hint will do the job 🙂

Thank you reading this. Thank you a lot for answering this and saving me going on a wild goose chase


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