request for OpenSource "Font Awesome" alternative


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While I really like Font Awesome as an icon provider, I would prefer for it to be switched to a more open source alternative, like Fork Awesome.


Or maybe it would be an even better idea to create an own unraid icon font based on Fork Awesome. Developers could then create their own icon for their plugin and it could be added by merging their pull request on the new unraid fonts repository.


Please let me know your opinions.


Background Story:

I'm the developer of the ProFTPD plugin and obviously I would like to use an icon of the official logo for the plugin. In March 2019 I requested the logo to be incorporated in font awesome.  But as it was classified as a "brand icon" it would cost 3.000$ to get it included. Even the non brand 300$ would be to much for me. As it is now 2021 I doubt it has a chance to be included for free in the future. Getting it included into fork awesome was much easier.





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Font awesome is widely used in the GUI (and plugins) and replacing it, is not really an option.


The GUI does use a specific Unraid font with additional icons, which was created and used by permission from user @Mex

Perhaps special requests can be made, but ultimately @limetech decides what can and can not be included.


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Thank you very much, for answering my request. I'm not set on fork awesome in any way. It was just an example of what could easily be used as open source alternative.


If there already is a special font the gui uses, I would really like to apply for the proftpd font icon I designed for fork awesome to be included. I have the permission of the original proftpd author to use it. If there are any changes needed or source files I could supply or a place for me to supply a pull request, please let me know. Or do you know an alternative how I could include an icon in my plugin which is compatible with all available themes?


As you already did, I don't want to tag @limetech or @Mex again at the moment. I hope they see this and I get a response.


If not, may I ask you later to ask them in my Name if there is a chance?



Thank you for testing. Please see my answer above. Of course I don't want to degrade the unraid icon quality. I would have liked for font awesome to include a proftpd icon, but their prices are insane for me as hobby developer with a non profit plugin. 😢 So I'm searching for alternatives.

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