It's hard to find what is spinning up my disk.

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I have a problem, randomly, my hard drive spin up. It can be 2x per day or 5 times on 2 hours. This is what I setup :


- all shares are on cache (Yes / Prefer)

- Plex CRON only the night

- I use plugin called File Activty and Open Files

- I installed SSD cache directory but no better results.


Right now, nothing are opened in File Activy, in Open Files, I don't see any reference to disk1. When I tried ti manualy spin down the disk, it spin up immediately :


Sep 21 22:15:23 Sparta emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdd
Sep 21 22:15:39 Sparta emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd
Sep 21 22:17:03 Sparta emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdd
Sep 21 22:17:11 Sparta emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd


What can I do ?


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Spinning disk coincides with these files and the time.


These are files related to VMs, except that they are off !


Sep 21 22:36:10 Sparta emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd




I saw these files is supposed to be on cache and not on disk1. I will change that.

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Stopped docker at 00:36, spinning up at 08:34 (docker still stopped)


Sep 23 00:36:02 Sparta root: stopping dockerd ...
Sep 23 00:36:03 Sparta root: waiting for docker to die ...


Sep 23 08:34:10 Sparta emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd
Sep 23 08:34:10 Sparta emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/tail_log syslog

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