Flash Backup: Activated: Not up-to-date (My Servers - Flash backup unavailable)

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I watched Spaceinvader One video: "The My Servers Plugin - 4 Great Features 1 Great Plugin !" and followed the steps. However, I have the following issue: under the Settings/ManagementAccess tab it shows Flash Backup: Activated: Not up-to-date. See Screenshot:




When I click Update: I get the spinning icon saying "loading" Then nothing happens. It just shows the above.


When I go to My Servers Page. It says: "Flash backup unavailable" See Screenshot:




How do I fix this?


Thank you for the help!

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3 hours ago, ljm42 said:

There is likely a network issue blocking the backup.


Please open a webterminal and type:
  ping backup.unraid.net
It should resolve to If it does not, then go to Settings -> Network Settings and set your DNS server to


When I ping backup.unraid.net, it does resolve However, the pings are 100% loss. Not sure if unraid's server just doesn't respond to ping requests. When I checked today when I got home from work. It had successfully uploaded. I didn't make any changes to my firewall since trying yesterday. Not sure why it didn't work yesterday and all of a sudden it worked today. Thanks for your suggestion!




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