UPC and My Servers Plugin - Disable or Hide Login

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I don't really care for the "UPC and My Servers Plugin" VISIBLE and UGLY new feature that is located in the upper right of the webGUI header. I don't care to associate my server to cloud nor use the login.   It looks huge and ugly.  Can we disable it?  I just don't wanna see it or deal with it. 



UPC and My Servers Plugin

The most visible new feature is located in the upper right of the webGUI header.  We call this the User Profile Component, or UPC.  The UPC allows a user to associate their server(s) and license key(s) with their Unraid Community forum account.


Starting with this release, it will be necessary for a new user to either sign-in with existing forum credentials or sign-up, creating a new account via the UPC in order to download a Trial key.  All key purchases and upgrades are also handled exclusively via the UPC.

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