My Servers setup messed up my server connection

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I was trying to set up My Servers following SpaceInvader One video and everything was going fine untill it gave me a subdomain 


Now i can not reach my server even from inside my network using the internal ip address of, that has been static forever, because it tries the above https one 

i was not able to change the 443 port forwarding rule and i do not have that port open on my router so the reaching form outside of the network is imposible also (althoughi tried opening that port and closing it back up) ...what do i do??


Please help and thank you in advance


By the way everything else works fine Plex, my VMs everything just can't reach the web interface



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On 10/7/2021 at 4:29 AM, richland007 said:

ow i can not reach my server even from inside

I think I am in the same boat.
Can not access GUI at or through MyServers link
I see my apps and can access them at
I see my server and shares in windows explorer.

What to do?


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