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VM creation takes a lot of time...

1. Using the GUI to set the number of cores, RAM, create vdisks etc

2. Running through the OS installation

3. Install necessary drivers, programs etc and adjust settings

This is a hassle when you want to create a VM just to test something new...


Is there a way to speed this up? 

Lately I have started using reflinks since my VM disks are on btrfs pools (cp --reflink /path/to/old/VM/vdisk1.img /path/to/new/VM/vdisk1.img). This saves HDD space and gets rid of the need for step 2 and 3, but I instead need to have base images that I can clone from. 


Is there a better or more accepted way to quickly create VM:s?

Are there pre-installed vdisks available for common OSes like ubuntu/centos/windows10?


Cloud providers let you create VMs by clicking a button in the web GUI and wait a minute or two but I guess unraid was not designed for this...


Happy to get any suggestions!

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