I've been randomly getting errors/warnings here and there for a bit now...how do I know if a disk is bad?


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2 hours ago, trurl said:

That seems right but I have never done it. @JorgeB may not be available for several hours if you want to wait.

Yeah I'd rather wait to make sure.  I have a good 18-20 hours or so or more before these drives are done pre-clearing anyway.  In the meantime, the Array is offline.  And actually on that note, I just had a question pop in my head; when you "spin down" the array, is that supposed to be literal?  Are the drives actually supposed to stop spinning?  Or does it just park the heads or something?  Because the entire array is offline but the drivers still be vibratin' from what I can only imagine are the platters spinning.  Just curious about that.

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9 hours ago, johmei said:
  • Put a check in the "Yes I want to do this" checkbox and click the "Copy" button and wait for a long long time until the copy completes.
  • The start button will now be present with a description indicating that it is ready to start a Data-Rebuild...I should put a check in the "Yes I want to do this" checkbox and click "start"

Just a reminder that you can't interrupt the procedure after the copy and before pressing start by rebooting or powering down, or you'll need to start over the procedure from the beginning.

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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

Correct, and the steps look good.


7 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Just a reminder that you can't interrupt the procedure after the copy and before pressing start by rebooting or powering down, or you'll need to start over the procedure from the beginning.


Awesome, thanks so much for verifying that!  And thanks for the heads up/tip on that.  I definitely wasn't planning on rebooting or powering down, but it's good to know it would have to start over anyway!  I'll get this entire thing started as soon as these drives finish pre-clearing!


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Okay it just did that because one disk was a bit behind.  I'm now at the step where I have to start the Array but it's not exactly as described in the manual.  The manual states, "The Start button will now be present, and the description will now indicate that it is ready to start a Data-Rebuild.
Put a check in the Yes I want to do this checkbox (older versions: Yes, I'm sure), and click the Start button"


But it doesn't say that it's ready to rebuild data.  It's talking about expanding the file system of the data disks first and I don't see a check box.  I'm assuming it's fine to just hit start and it will still do what it's supposed to, but just in case, I want to make sure so I've included a screenshot below.  Both Parity drives have a green dot on them (the new 12 TB drives) just since that's cut out at the top.  Thanks!!


Well crap...things are not going as per the manual/instructions and I don't know what to do now (see attached image).  I'm confused because it's still copying, but says it's not ready and that the content is being reconstructed?  But that part isn't supposed to happen until after it's finished copying, right?  So what is it doing?  It shouldn't be reconstructing anything yet, right?  Not sure what to do. :(   MYR4 is one of my old parity drives also, I took a screenshot of everything before I started so that I would know which drives were where.



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5 hours ago, JorgeB said:

If you still need help with this post current diags.


Well it finished re-building and seemed to be successful but well....My Previous Parity 1 drive (RXYD) is my new Disk 1 and before I did the parity swap (the copy) I did an extended smart test on every drive and every drive (except for the known bad drives, P23S and RYB9) passed.  After everything re-built, I received a read warning again for Disk 1 so I did an extended smart test again on all the drives in the new array and RXYD failed with 30% left (see smart log below).  I went ahead and included a full diagnostics in case you wanna take a look also.  The other extended tests are still running but it looks like I'll have to replace another drive as well so soon 😕

johnsnas-smart-20211018-1225.zip johnsnas-diagnostics-20211018-1809.zip

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8 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Yep, you should replace it ASAP.

All the other drives did finish without errors luckily.  It seems like this was a really close call.  I'll be paying more attention to this stuff in the future and setup some alerts as trurl suggested.  But I am concerned because the now failing disk was previously one of the two parity disks.  Should I be concerned and if so, how can I verify the integrity of my data short of checking every single file in it's entirety?

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3 hours ago, JorgeB said:

I checked before and the parity swap procedure completed successfully without any errors, so all should be fine.

Thanks so much for the reassurance on that!  And for everything!  I couldn't have confidently done this without your guidance and feedback!


And thanks to everybody else also that chipped in and helped me on this issue.  I greatly appreciate it!  You're all awesome!

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