New CA Release and Hidden Gems of Community Applications

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Disk Location by Ole-Henrik Jakobsen. Absolutely fantastic for my 24 bay chassis and love the overview and utility it provides.

Then again I use a lot of great plug ins provided by the community and that is what makes UNRAID so great. Feels bad to not mention all of them.

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iSCSI plugin for Unraid Server, which allows you to connect to storage on your NAS like it was a local hard drive.


A still a lot of people don't seem to know this plugin exists and I still see iSCSI asked for in feature requests frequently.



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  • SpencerJ changed the title to New CA Release and Hidden Gems of Community Applications
21 minutes ago, dada051 said:

Great. And the list, ordered by update date ? 

Very unlikely, since that was largely meaningless (except for plugins) as in this day and age with containers that automatically get built as new app versions come available, or rain or shine every Friday it was extremely rare for any template to ever get updated by the maintainer that the container was updated.

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No matter what, it would be the usual suspects always showing up.


Netdata has an update issued to the container multiple times a day 365 days a year


Most of the common containers would also be "permanently" stuck in updated apps simply because of how and when updates get issued to them.

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