all my dock contenders and VM are missing


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I hope someone can help me.

I just powered down my server and moved it a few feet, and powered it back up, but when I when in to have a look at the conduction of all the dockers and VM, I discovered that I have no longer have any dockers or VMs running.


I have checked my Appdata folder and I still have full access to it, via SMB and via the unraid website,

I have this on a un-assigned drive, but I have full access to this.


I have checked the logs and I can't see anything in there that says disk error or no reachable

I have also ran Fix Common Problems, and this shows no issues.


I also checked the main page and I can see all my HD's running with no issues.


any ideals on why I can not able to see my dockers ?

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I suspect that 

Oct 14 08:43:06 Tower root: Creating new image file: /mnt/disks/ua_appdata/appdata/docker/docker.img size: 20G
Oct 14 08:43:06 Tower root: ERROR: failed to zero device '/mnt/disks/ua_appdata/appdata/docker/docker.img': Input/output error

is the source of your problem.  Is there a problem with that drive?

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