Finding files across several disks


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I have looked around and can’t find this topic elsewhere. 


I believe I have files belonging to the same folder spread across several drives, e.g. one nfo file belonging to a movie on disk1, the sample on disk2 and the movie on disk3. My movie collection is too big to fit on one drive so I don’t think I can use ”gather” in unbalance. Is there a way to output a file where the the folders and its contents are stored or do I need to find another way?


Many thanks and sorry if this topic has been raised before and I haven’t been able to find it



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What exactly was rude about my response? I have no idea of your level of knowledge, and I couldn't figure out from your question what the end goal was.


When you set up a share, you tell Unraid what drives you want to use for the share, how you want new files to be allocated with split levels and file allocation settings. If you set the split level too low and the allocation to most free, then each new file written to the share will likely end up on a different disk.


This is a perfectly valid way of using Unraid, so unless you have a reason to change that, there is no need to mess with where files are stored. That's why I asked what you wanted to accomplish.

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