Multiple monitor Windows 10 VM with Intel Integrated Graphics (IGD) pass through?

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First, I have to say that the more I use unRAID the more I love it. 60 bux is just not enough for how awesome and capable unRAID is. :)


The IGD support thread sticky is from 2016 and has 7 pages -- going through it was a bit chaotic. I couldn't confirm if it does or doesn't work and didn't want to muddy that thread.


I have an HP Pro Desk 600 G4 with:

  • i5-8500
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Intel® UHD Graphics 630
  • 2x DP and 1x HDMI out


Will I be able to create a Windows 10 VM and passthrough through the processor graphics with all 3 video outs so I can run 3x monitors? I'm not gaming -- just emails and web development.



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