Uncast Episode 10: Windows 11 and the State of VM Gaming

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Hi. I have used Virtualization for a while to play games( and to swiftly switch between OSes depending on which tasks I'll have to do). More specific CSGO. Using all the "hide vm parameters" i could find in order to play on platforms like "faceit" (launch the AC client) it went well for a while until I got insta banned. I mean i had some email conversations back and forth but they could not give me a straight up answer on why I was banned. They sent me the standard faceit banned scheme "you have been banned for cheating" it could be this or this or this reason. Unfortunately this case is closed, you are banned.....


It's very unfair since the reason I was joining the faceit platform in the first place was because of all the hackers in the standard match making competetive. Is the anti-cheat developers / platforms so far behind? The world moves on and virtualization has come to stay.


That said, I'm also playing on another platform that is called "Esportal" since i live in eu, with no trouble with their anti-cheat software. At least for now...... 

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I am playing only some games virtual in single player mode cause of chance being banned.

I have build a gaming VM platform with unraid 6.92 to play together with my little daughter games like project cars 2 or sth. like for her age online or COOP.

Basically gaming VMs are being used to teach my daughter siting beside me, how to use this for learning with a computer, internet, social media, and also online gaming.

Cause of this I decided for a two way multiboot setuo, VM gaming and physical gaming, my Gaming PC works in both worlds physically and virtualized on unraid.


Cause of getting banned I only play games in COOP like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, to fly together around with my kid in one ship i.e.

Till now I have not been banned, but I also will not to take the risk.

So I do it very carefully with online games especially shooters 


If there is an opportunity to get VMs not banned officially while being a VM, then this will be a huge effort for Gaming in nowadays Cloud-World.

Working on multiple VMs without just rebooting the system is a nice feature nowadays and I am so fascinated about this feature for over 4 years.


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Thanks for the feedback guys!  I first noticed the anti-cheat problem when my favorite game, Escape from Tarkov, decided to prevent VM users from playing.  Fortunately it wasn't a ban, but rather, just insta-kick from the game servers.  Still very annoying but at least it wasn't a permaban.


The hard truth is that eventually, game developers won't be able to ignore VM gaming users.  This is a growing market segment that I only see continuing to grow over time.  And with the ability to hide/mask things getting better and better, eventually it won't even be an option for them to ban based on VM detection.

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Good to hear that you at least not got banned. The one question i have. Isn't it to easy to just check that one parameter? If they see some kind of virtualization in their log they just ban based on that? 


Let's say they discover some virtualization hints. Yes maybe check more carefully, but not base the total ban decision on that one parameter. 


They basically says that if you have launched the game in a VM, then you are a cheating player.... 


I actually don't care so much, since i can use other platforms to play cs. But for me it's the principle.. They have marked me as an unfair / cheating player.

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What about gaming on Windows 11 VMs with the AMD performance hit? A user already found they were not able to install the chipset driver fix to prevent the performance issue. Am I understanding correctly that this will not be possible to be resolved due to the emulation causing the chipset driver not to not recognize the hardware as legitimate? 
Or is this all resolved since Microsoft fixed the issue with Windows hotfix?

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