Unraid Server Crashes... and network freeze until i reboot the server...


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  • 2 weeks later...

OK it just append again, all the network freeze and i can't do noting to get access to the server, i have to do a cold shutdown with the power button for 5 sec.

as soon as i shut down the server all the network start up again with nothing esle to do from my part.

This time i have the syslog file and i did a screen shot of the monitor attache to the server.

hope you will have everything needed to help me...

thanks and good day.




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Thanks, but i'm in there and the only syslog file i have there is the one i posted.

i made a folder for all syslog and put it on an other server.

but it may be because i activated it after the first message, so the crash may not be on yet....

does it make any sense?


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  • 1 month later...

Ok to all, my server did crash again last night,

i do hope you will have what needed to help me fix this problem, because i sure can fix it myself.

again, when the server crash all land liked to the same switch, froze, all i did to make the network working again is to unplug the network cable from the server, an voila...

the network start working again, so it's definitely a server problem...

then again i shut down the server by holding the power button for 5 second.

and the server start like noting was wrong .

the log i got is attache here so please someone, help meeeeee.



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Macvlan call traces are usually the result of having dockers with a custom IP address, upgrading to v6.10 and switching to ipvlan might fix it (Settings -> Docker Settings -> Docker custom network type -> ipvlan (advanced view must be enable, top right)), or see below for more info.


See also here:


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  • 3 weeks later...

hi, off topic here just for my info... i have 3 UNRAID server, and i wonder if i have to install swag, nginx proxy manager on all to get reverse proxy?


p.s. my server did not freeze since JorgeB pointed me to the Macvlan problem, so i switch to ipvlan, and so far it's good... Thanks

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