Sign In before your SSL certificate expires

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"Sign In before your SSL certificate expires"

I woke today to find this error in the top right of my Unraid GUI.  I sign in and it accepts my credentials and all but the error does not go away.  Everything was working yesterday and there have been no changes otherwise.  IS this an error on the Unraid side or has something changes on my end that I need to fix?

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@Johnny Utah try removing and reinstalling the My Servers plugin then signing in again. I suspect there might be a bug with the API aspect.


If this doesn't work after you sign in again please direct message me (this will contain apikeys so we don't want to share publicly) the output of this terminal command

cat /boot/config/plugins/


This will let me know if the server is correctly storing your sign in status. If your info is correctly there then the issue is stemming from a backend bug.

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