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The problem I have found with virt-manager is:

Unraids default virtual drive format makes it incompatible with taking snapshots. 

So any vm's that I just used the defaults on when I created them. I can't take snapshots. 


I agree, a native way to take snapshots from the web interface should have been a feature that was added long ago. I have been an Unraid customer for at least 8 years now and I love the OS, however, it hasn't seen much in terms of further development in that time. It's server software, so I get it, slow dev cycle. I just feel like it's been extraordinarily slow. 

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For me, this is the one feature that's missing to make Unraid my ultimate homelab server. Snapshots is essential when debugging and testing different setups, and i would love to see this integrated in the webui!

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