Notice [TOWER] - array health report [FAIL]

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Hello Guys, here is the explanation I got when reading this error.

"Unraid StatusNotice [TOWER] - array health report [FAIL]Array has 4 disks (including parity & cache)warning

Parity - ST10000NM0226_E_ZA21794D0000J651V8A0_35000c50086bb8633 (sdc) - active 34 C (disk has read errors) [NOK]
Disk 1 - ST10000NM0226_E_ZA21796H0000J7167T4Z_35000c50086bb826f (sdf) - active 37 C [OK]
Disk 2 - ST10000NM0226_E_ZA21AAH10000C7258S57_35000c50093ae2913 (sde) - active 39 C [OK]
Cache - OCZ-TRION150_26OB318DK1CU (sdb) - active 27 C [OK]

Parity is valid
Last checked on Sun 07 Nov 2021 08:16:47 PM PST (today), finding 0 errors.
Duration: 10 hours, 27 minutes, 10 seconds. Average speed: 263.9 MB/s"


If click on the error it takes me to the Main tab. Should I replace the parity disk?


My diagnostics are attached. Haven't rebooted.



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