Can I mount the array during a parity sync without starting over?


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I don't know what happened (I only know it was related to plugging in my old bad drives to try and pre-clear/test them again just out of curiosity) but unraid decided that my first parity disk was bad or something 🙄 (it's brand new and went through no less than 1 full preclear) so I learned a lesson there.  But I started the array in maintenance mode and hit sync with the intention of it helping to shave some time off, without realizing I actually needed to access some data before the 17 hours that I'd have to wait without mounting the array.


Is there a safe way to not have to start the parity sync over and still mount the array?  Or will I have to start over?  And if I do, how do I do that safely?  I assume I would simply cancel the parity-sync, and then start the array only not in maintenance mode this time?


Thanks so much!

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