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I tried to log in today to my UnRAID 8-bay server based on a QNAP TS-853 Pro which has been running flawlessly for several months. I was unable to find it at its usual IP address even after a reboot. As far as I can make out, the Ethernet port is flashing normally and the connection to my switch is secure.


I've tested the UnRAID boot USB in a second machine and it boots apparently correctly into UnRAID with the static IP address I'd allocated. I'd welcome any suggestion on how to go about diagnosing this further.


Please let me know if any further details would be useful here.




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Thanks, trurl. No, it's unpingable and its address is unknown on the network. I've rebooted it several times, with and without the UnRAID boot USB. Without the UnRAID USB it should boot into QTS as the original DOM is still in place. However, it doesn't – all eight drive lights are red, I'm getting nothing over HDMI and the built-in display is stuck at SYSTEM BOOTING…


As it won't boot into either UnRAID or QTS, it's looking very much as if we have a QNAP hardware failure. But I'd welcome any further suggestions.




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