Make Cloud Account & UPC Optional, not forced on end users


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As I stated before I simply do not care for the cloud account nor the UPC options. Simply put I care too much for my security and my privacy.  I feel that is being forced on us without any options or consideration for best practice security principles.  I don't want to see it in my webGIU and I don't care to use it.  Can you please have a switch to toggle it off the webGUI so we don't have to deal with it every time we look at our dashboard? 




"UPC and My Servers Plugin - [rc2] reworded

The most visible new feature is located in the upper right of the webGUI header.  We call this the User Profile Component, or UPC.  The UPC allows a user to associate their server(s) and license key(s) with their Unraid Community forum account, also known as an account.


Starting with this release, it will be necessary for a new user to either sign-in with existing forum credentials or sign-up, creating a new account via the UPC in order to download a Trial key.  All key purchases and upgrades are also handled exclusively via the UPC.


Signing-in provides these benefits:

My Servers Dashboard - when logged into the forum a new My Servers menu item appears. Clicking this brings up a Dashboard which displays a set of tiles representing servers associated with this account.  Each tile includes a link to bring up the servers webGUI on your LAN.  Install the My Servers plugin to provide real-time status and other advanced features (see below).

Notification of critical security-related updates.  In the event a serious security vulnerability has been discovered and patched, we will send out a notification to all email addresses associated with registered servers.

Posting privilege in a new set of My Servers forum boards.

No more reliance on email and having to copy/paste key file URLs in order to install a license key - keys are delivered and installed automatically to your server.?:

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