Lost access to unraid gui on VPN after updating to 6.10-rc2


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I updated to 6.10-rc2 and lost access to the webgui when I am on my VPN. Before the update and on my LAN, it works without question. I have made some searches but the posts that I have found are relating to people losing access to the gui locally after an update but not mine. I have removed the network settings on the flash drive and rebooted but no change. 


Have someone else had similar problems and found a fix? I’m currently travelling so I don’t have access to the diagnostics unless they are retrievable from the ssh-ing in to the box. On a separate note, is there a possibility to enter the encryption password via ssh or is it webgui-only?


Many thanks in advance for any assistance if possible.




Edit: It is like the connection is dropped, but there have been no changes in my network between 6.9.2 and 6.10-rc2. It works if I roll back to 6.9.2. rc2 stops letting me access unraid via IP, not it is only .local that works.

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