Network Shares and User Management update

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For what it does unRaid is awesome, however lately it seems that the devs are working more on the Docker/VM side of things instead of what I think to be the Core of unRaid which is Data management and sharing.


The shares configuration haven't got a substantial upgrade since I don't know when, but feature parity is way behind other options.


For being a NAS it feels incomplete not to have shares quota, home directory for every user mapped to $home, a way to create groups with shares permissions and add users to said groups just to make it easier, the ability disable users and to give them permissions based on schedules, You know, the stardard NAS stuff.

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To each their own.  Yes, certain things as mentioned in the post prior to yours are missing on an automatic basis, but are easily handled via the GUI manually.  Each NAS solution has its pros and cons.  IMO the pros of this OS far outweigh its cons.  (But that's probably an obvious comment since I've been a user of it since 2012)

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