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Hello, I'm new here, using Unraid 6.9.2. I am currently converting my PC from Windows and I would like some help moving files.

I have a used 500GB drive (disk2) precleared and added to that array 4 days ago and today it that reported "current pending sectors 1" while main->view just shows "No listing: Too many files". I plan to transfer all the contents to an empty 1TB drive (disk4) while preserving the folder structure, share & dockers assignments, etc., especially the seeding torrents I have.


I have no parity set up yet since I was still in the process of moving stuff from Windows. I have confirmed some of the seeding torrents to be missing (through binhex-krusader) and several folders from across shares missing (through shares->view->location)


I was unable to use binhex-krusader to transfer since I couldn't get the disk2 mounted into the docker's config, the dropdown doesn't list it and manually typing "/mnt/disk2" doesn't work as well.


I'm terrible with CLI stuff (I'm such a noob hahaha) but I've read this page:,

and I believe that the command "cp -r /mnt/disk2 /mnt/disk4" is what I'm looking for but I'm not sure how to relink the files if linuxserver-qbittorent can't automatically do it.

I would like confirmation or a correction on the proper action to do. Attached is the downloaded SMART report of the 500GB drive: :)


Edit: I finally got unBALANCE to work and it reports disk2 "0 bytes" on columns SIZE, FREE and PLAN

Edit 2: Now main reports disk2 as unmountable

Edit 3: I posted in Reddit, I'm getting scared,
Note to self: You should've mounted the larger drives first so you could have prepared a parity drive. :'(

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4 hours ago, X500658 said:

couldn't get the disk2 mounted into the docker's config, the dropdown doesn't list it and manually typing "/mnt/disk2" doesn't work as well.

Probably because you hadn't noticed yet that it was already unmountable

4 hours ago, X500658 said:

Edit 2: Now main reports disk2 as unmountable


Disk2 is failing

Serial Number:    WD-WMAYUC581458
197 Current_Pending_Sector  -O--CK   200   198   000    -    1
198 Offline_Uncorrectable   ----CK   198   198   000    -    184
# 1  Extended offline    Completed: read failure       90%     27768         488446396

unmountable, and can't be rebuilt since there is no parity.


This unassigned disk

Serial Number:    S2AGKCN9
187 Reported_Uncorrect      -O--CK   001   001   000    -    2117
197 Current_Pending_Sector  -O--C-   085   084   000    -    648
198 Offline_Uncorrectable   ----C-   085   084   000    -    648
# 1  Extended offline    Completed: read failure       90%     23557         95569456

is also failing. Why is it attached?



25 minutes ago, X500658 said:

no longer have any duplicates of those data

So this data isn't important enough to have backups?


I guess we will have to try to repair the filesystem on unmountable disk2, but since it is failing might be futile. Maybe we could try to clone it to a good disk and repair the filesystem on that.


Do you have any spare good disks?


Let's call in @JorgeB for a look.


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The unassigned disk has no more data, successfully moved....some of which were in disk2.... I just wasn't able to unplug it because I haven't shutdown the PC yet, spun down the drives several times though.


I would say that its important to me just I'm not able to keep backups, especially 3-2-1. My experience with using internal HDDs was actually better than externals HDDs, I just went on transplanting drives and data across platforms


My currently available good disk is disk4 (1TB)

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I'm assuming that cloning a bad disk doesn't make the cloned drive bad, then disk4... I forgot to mention that its empty and also preleared.


I've actually only learned of actual backup practices this year. I used to just keep my external drives in the back of my closet, 9y.o. me saying "its the least disturbed place". The preventing me is that I'm actually still a full time student (lousy excuse but I'm in a 3rd world country)

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