Support on UEFI secure boot


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In the manual installation guide are these instructions:

  • Browse to the USB flash device to see the newly extracted contents from your Mac or PC.
  • If you need to enable UEFI boot, rename the EFI- directory to EFI
  • Run the make bootable script appropriate to the OS you are using:

This material was extracted from here:


Is this what you were looking for?  You may have to go into your MB BIOS and set it up for UEFI booting. 

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Thanks, Frank

Bios is locked with a password (unfortunately).
So what I know is that I can boot with UFI in secure mode. But I don't know how to get the Unraid boot in secure mode. 

What I get now is "Selected boot image did not authenticate" what is saying that I have to boot UEFI secure mode.  I set the flag for UFI when I make my USB drive.

Thanks for reaching out 🙂 

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