Trying to simplify my backup solution and use Rclone to sync from computer -> Unraid -> cloud. How well would this work? Any better alternatives?


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My whole backup solution is a bit messy right now. Currently I use Rclone, Google Drive, and BackBlaze B2.


The way it works is that I have about 70GB of important data (documents, music/video projects, graphics, etc) in a Google Drive folder on my Mac. If there's anything I'm done with, like if I finish a video project, that gets manually transferred to "cold storage" on Unraid and eventually up to B2 through Rclone (User scripts plugin, once a day). But for security, I keep an offline version of Google Drive on my server and also back that up to B2.


So basically when it comes to my daily-use files: desktop Google Drive folder -> Google Drive cloud -> Unraid Google Drive share -> BackBlaze B2.


And of course I also have more cold storage shares on Unraid that also go to BackBlaze B2.


What I'm thinking is skipping the Google Drive middle-man and just using Rclone from my Mac to Unraid shares. Maybe even making like a "warm storage" intake share on Unraid so I can still manually move stuff to the cold storage shares. But how well would Rclone work for this? I know it's CLI only which is fine, I'm comfortable with that, but I'm worried it won't be as robust. As in, I won't really know about errors or issues.


I'm also worried about how it handles constant file changes, like if I'm working on a music project in a folder that Rclone touches and files get frequently created/deleted.


Also, what would happen if an Rclone Mac -> Unraid sync happens at the same time as the Unraid -> B2 sync? Do they communicate with each other somehow?


Is this worth looking into? Any tips would be appreciated. I'm trying to de-google and simplify a bit in general. How do you all manage your daily storage and cold storage backup?

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