No access to user-shares after server-reboot


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Hey all..  I need some help

TLDR: I stopped being able to access shares over Network with WindowsExplorer - or playing media. (windows 10) - This all worked fine 3 days ago, before I had to shut down the server and PC. 


First I thought it was a Windows-issue, but after some trial and error, it seems like my user-account (on unraid) became borked somehow? (Tried to verify by creating a new user-account and giving same permissions as main (user = test).
I logged into both WindowsVM and linuxVM and then tried to log into \tower from there
Logging in with test works fine, everything is as it should.
Reseting connection and logging in with my normal account does not work.


Any way to troubleshoot this? (other than just lookin in the user-settings page? cause that looks fine), or is the easiest solution just to delete the account, and either remake it identical, or just a new-one?


This is what I see when going to /Tower




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So I've done some more testing.


Picking up my old Laptop (dusting away in the cabinet), I started it, connected to my Home Wifi

and with it I am able to access //magnas and see all the shares just fine.

Even opening a random picture or other media, it does start playing.


So maybe it's not on Unraid the problem lies, but on my main computer, somehow?
Where should I start looking into this?



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