HDD speed broken?

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I have had some trouble getting a full read check done. I downloaded the diskspeed plugin and found one HDD that does not work correctly. 

Here is what diskspeed reports: 



Everytime I run it again, it shows me a weird graph like that again. Nothing is using the drive while running this test. Other drives in the system show a normal graph. Even if they are in use during the test. 


I assumed that the drive was bad but there are no SMART errors:



Is this drive bad or is there something that I could do to fix it? Would formatting it help? 


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2 hours ago, trurl said:

I can't imagine how since format only writes those small number of bytes of filesystem metadata that represents an empty filesystem.

I was thinking that maybe there were some weird files on there that got corrupted which caused the slow reads. I have never seen a drive not work correctly without any SMART errors or weird sounds. 

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