Parity damaged and Data drive errors - PLEASE HELP!


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I'm really not sure what to do here or how much I have lost but basically a data drive was acting up so I have come to replace it, but now i've noticed that the Parity drive sata port pins have been damaged (due to the clip on sata cables) and one of the sata pins is bent. 

That means I have lost a data drive and the parity disk at the same time.

What are my options here? Really needed the data from these drives. 

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5 hours ago, trurl said:

How do you know there is anything wrong with the drive? Bad connections are much more common than bad drives.

I tried to change sata cables and ports but it kept giving me bad sectors/errors. I think the drive was bad. 


2 hours ago, ChatNoir said:

Please attach your diagnostics to your next post.

I can't now as my server is completely down. I have a bent pin on the sata connector of the parity drive and the data drive I think its now bad.

Unless I power it up without the parity and do a diagnostics then? 


Just not sure how to go about this without losing data. I have lost a partity and data drive by the sounds of it. I have two other data drives that should be ok in the machine. 

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8 hours ago, trurl said:

Parity contains none of your data. If the data drive can be read you may not have lost anything. Attach the data drive and post diagnostics.


I'm having some trouble visualizing this since the "pins" are not separate, can you post a photo?


The error on the data drive keeps throwing up read errors, thats the issue I keep having so I can't get the data off. 


I have attached an image of the bent pin. The plastic case came off and exposed the pins, and one of them has bent back. Its due to having clip on sata cables and I must of mistakenly pulled it at some point then tried to put it back on without knowing the pins were exposed. 


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I think i've really screwed up now....

Here is my diagnostics attached.

I have also attached how many unraid server looked BEFORE anything happened. 

I have since tried to add a new drive as a data drive (to the one that failed) which is Disk1 (AC6). But this was before i realised the parity had the bent back pin.

Everything has all gone wrong at once :( I don't know how i'll get back into a normal state from this



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44 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

To get the array back to running you can do a new config (with or without parity), new disk1 will need to be formatted, you can then try ddrescue on old disk1.


From the diagnostics, can you see if disk1 is healthy? (AC6)

Could i not try do a new config put them all back to how they should, minus the parity, and see if i can read from them all? My data should be still intact on a new config, correct? 

If this works, I could use the new drive I bought as the parity?

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2 minutes ago, coldjim said:

can you see if disk1 is healthy? (AC6)

It's not, but ddrescue might still be able to recover most data.


2 minutes ago, coldjim said:

Could i not try do a new config put them all back to how they should, minus the parity, and see if i can read from them all?

You can, though ddrescue might be have a better chance of recovering more data, especially if the disk keeps getting worse with access.


3 minutes ago, coldjim said:

If this works, I could use the new drive I bought as the parity?

If the disk is really failing like it looks that won't work because there will be read errors on disk1, so parity won't be able to sync correctly.

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