Monterey with Macinabox GPU passthrough/Rx560 x299 Black screen


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Hi, everyone.

I have used search bar profusely and do not see anyone mention this so I intend to start this thread and clear few possible causes for new MAC os.

Previously, I had a good run with Catalina and it had no problem with GPU passthrough while I installed X299 with Rx560 graphic card. 

But after I tries to upragde my OS to Monterey, no matter what SMBIOS I uses, it alwasy shows black screen after the OS selection pannel and before the Apple Logos shows up. I tried to upradde kext ,used boot-arg, selected vbios but to no avail. Since my system could boot normally if the OS is Catalina, I believe the probelms lies in the new OS. The similar situation that was mentioned by everyone else does not eactly fouces on issue with the OS system but hardware probelms or older version MacOS that is proved to be working if every setting is correct. 


So I am curious if there is anyone that could use Monterey and passed through similar gpu to the OS

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If I remember well @doesntaffect can have the same issue (not solved yet), but with big sur, he also tried a 560.

What brand are your gpus? What vendor/product ids?

Maybe worth a try in this case (because I don't recommend this in general) to download a different vbios from techpowerup and use it (different brand, same type gpu).

For example, the gigabyte (for 2 gb memory) one can be a good starting point:

Or the sapphire (for 4 gb memory) one:

Some bios of some vendors can have issues, and luckily with a virtual machine we don't have to flash the bios into the gpu.

Did you try to wait some minutes and see if you can reach the login screen?Like 10 minutes

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Tried several other bios rom files. The card also boots with a Gigabyte rom, however at the end boot process gets stuck shortly after virtual CPU has successfully been initialized (according to open core debug logs). 

can use the same card with stock dumped  bios rom in a Win11 VM.


As a result, cannot recommend this card for a virtual hackintosh. Will go for a RX570 ITX from Sapphire.

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