Data transfer from Synology

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Hi peeps,


I want to transfer data (TD) from my synology DS to my coming-soon unraid PC. What's the fastest way I can do that?


1. TD over network --> slow

2. TD --> external SSD --> unraid

3. USB to USB cable TD (

4. Any better ideas?


If we can do 3, then that's the fastest, but I think not likely?


If 2, is samsung T7 or sandisk extreme pro better option?



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I would not expect 3) to work in most cases, as normally a USB connection is master-slave type, and ln any case it is quite likely that 1) would be faster any way especially as it can be kicked off and left running so that no further manual involvement is required.   The problem with 2) is that it requires 2 copies - one to the SSD and then another off the SSD so although each stage might be faster than 1) put together this may well not be the case.

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Ya, regarding method 1 vs 2.


I tried synology TD over network, I think it's about 50-100MB/s.


Using method 2, it should be ~200MB/s. In theory method 2 is faster even with 2 copies, if we assume there is only few seconds gaps to change USB connection. But this is inconvenient.


So ... wondering if there is any other method.

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