Adding 2nd Cache Drive


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I need assistance.  I am trying to add a 2nd cache drive(1TB NVME).


At present I have a 240gb ssd as my only cache.

I renamed my existing cache drive to cache_ssd.


I stopped the array added the nvme, formatted it as BTRFS and named it is cache_nvme. 

Created a 2nd pool and added cache_nvme to this pool.


Started the array.  Modified cache settings on shares.  I set appdata, system and domains to use Prefer: cache_nvme


I set all other shares to use cache_ssd.


My existing appdata is ~ 45gb I back it up daily to another server.

When I open Krusader and look at \Cache it is only showing 46.1 MB.


Something is not right. All my dockers are still working fine(like Plex).

When I go into Krusader settings under the cache variable(Host Path) and browse /mnt/ I see folders for Cache, Cache_ssd,  and Cache_nvme


I reviewed SI-1's video on cache pools and how to create them. Clearly I missed a step here.  How do I move all references from /Cache as far as AppData goes?  This makes me extremely nervous....  


My end goal is to have all appdata and system on cache_nvme and the rest of shares caching to cache_ssd.




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That suggests you have something configured to use /mnt/cache (typically a docker container).   Since you no longer have a SSD at that location then it will be in RAM (and thus non-persistent).   You might be able to work out what it is by looking at the contents.   It can also be worth rebooting to see if it comes back?

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Never thought about a reboot even though I stopped/started the array- you were right on with that suggestion.


Cache disappeared and now I have cache_ssd and cache_nvme as the 2 cache pools.

I updated my Krusader config to add paths for cache_nvme and cache_ssd.


I updated appdata,domains,and system shares. First set cache to yes to move everything off cache into the array.  

After mover finished I then update these 3 shares to prefer and set the pool to cache_nvme.


After the mover finished I set the cache for all remaining shares to cache_ssd.


I stopped Docker.  Copied docker.img to cache_nvme, updated docker config to point at cache_nvme for Docker.img.

I change the Docker appdata location from /mnt/user/appdata/ to /mnt/cache_nvme/appdata/. I restarted

Docker Engine, everything seems fine. Plex is a bit faster than it was before. 


My issue is that I am seeing a split of appdata for all of my dockers. There is a small(in size) amount

of appdata remaining in the old appdata location on cache_ssd(734MB).  Appdata on cache_nvme is 43GB.


See my Screenshot below of Sonarr and Plex AppData. Why do I have split content and what can I do about it?  image.png.303423cecbd8c1ea2364b7e6352e7ea6.png





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