an easier way GUI option to make SSH keys and transfer them to other servers

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i seem to have trouble  with my keys 1 server seems to always work where other ones i have dont


but be nice a Gui Feature... you enter in the your passphrase...  the login and password of the other unraids.. even if its Root and blank password

and it copies the needed ssh files over     this way you dont need to run the command lines and it would always work  cuz all you had to do was fill in some gui fields..  

server name and or ip address.. and then it rsyncs the info over to the mulitple servers..


as my other servers have the keys but still ask me for fingerprint etc.. so be nice to make it dummy proof



and say if you have 5 servers...    and wanna copy your key to all of them


it be nice  


Main server  Tower        User Name  Root    Passord : Blank...        Passphrase  Hello World

1. Server 1     Username Root  Password:  Blank

2. Server 2    Username Root Password Blank

3. Server 3   Username Root  Password Blank


then hit proced... and it will copy the Towers key info  to the 3+ 5+ servers  

and just make it simpler

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