any suggestions how to convert ISO and BDMV to mkv


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I got videos in ISO and BDMV files/folders on the unraid server and want to convert all to mkv, which will also be on the unraid sever.  I use Emby to paly videos and mkv works better for Emby.


I assume I can do it from my Win10 computer with an app running on the Win10 computer.  

But should I instead do it with an app on the unraid server? 

Does having the app and the files on the same machine make it faster? 

How do you do it - on Win10 or on unraid?

Any suggestion what app to use? 


Apps that require knowing linux, would not be good for me.

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19 hours ago, kizer said:

Sadly I don't recall exactly what I used. 


In 2018 I wrote a Perl script to convert ISO files to MKV files automatically. It uses makemkvcon from the MakeMKV docker container and mkvpropedit from the MKVToolNix container. It uses some rules from my personal folder/file naming so some small corrections are neccessary. But someone with a little bit Perl knowledge can fix that easily. This script did process a complete ISO backup library in three months.


The ISOs were created by tsmuxer and did contain the relevant streams only. So no full DVD/BD backups.


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