[Answered] Do I have to do anything after adding a drive to the cache pool?

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I added a second drive to my cache pool as per the manual.  I can't tell if it's automatically in RAID1? 



I got a warning when I first added the disk

Event: Unraid Cache disk message
Subject: Warning [TOWER] -  pool BTRFS too many profiles (You can ignore this warning when a pool balance operation is in progress)
Description: Samsung_SSD_980_1TB_S64ANJ0R676360X (nvme0n1)
Importance: warning


Do I have to do a manual balance?



Am I protected?  or do I need to do that full balance?





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I just found this in the FAQ

It mentions that I SHOULD see "no balance found on /mnt/cache"


What was weird is I didn't see anything on the main page that said that a balance was in progress like I do when I add/replace a regular drive to the array...

So I was a little worried...


Glad all is good!

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