Proper Cache Drive / AppData Setup

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Currently I have my array and a single 512GB SSD I use as a cache drive.  It also houses my docker containers.  I was watching a video the other day where the person said that you shouldn't have the docker container AppData folders on the cache drive because of all the abuse the cache drive takes when moving data to the array. 


Is that correct?  Should I use a separate drive for cache to minimize writes on the SSD?  I have another SSD I can throw in there if needed?  I am using Crashplan to backup the AppData folder so it is protected, but I'd rather minimize my chances of having downtime.

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I actually have 2 SSDs laying around that I can use.   I was planning on using 1 for VMs, 1 for Cache and the smaller 512 that is in there now for the AppData stuff.  It just seems like SAB writes a pile of data to the current cache that stores the docker containers.


I also recently went through a drive dropping off the array that you helped me resolve so I have a 6TB spindle disk laying around that I was either going to use as a cache drive or add back to the array.

So I have 1 x 6TB spindle, 1 x 512GB SSD (currently used as the cache drive) and 2 x 1TB SSDs sitting on the shelf that I can leverage.


I'd appreciate any additional advice you'd like to share!

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When I upgraded my server I was able to add 256G nvme as my "fast" pool and put my appdata, domains, system shares on that. It has no redundancy since it is a single disk pool formatted XFS, but I backup appdata and libvirt to the array with CA Backup plugin. My "cache" pool is 2x500G SSD btrfs raid1.


NZBs that need post-processing download to my fast pool and post-process to cache so reading from one and writing to the other, then cache gets moved to the array. My torrents go to cache and often stay there until they quit seeding.


I guess you could use that HDD as yet another pool for downloads.



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