Nvidia P600 not showing in Unraid 6.9.2 in ESXI 7.0

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i have installed unraid 6.9.2 on an ESXI sever 7. Iv been trying to get Unraid to recognize the NVIDIA GPU (P600). Its definitely passed through when i check through the CLI, see below.



NVIDIA Driver package wont recognize the GPU but its definitely passed through.





 if anyone has any experience with this help would be greatly appreciated as i am stumped and i cannot find any relevant info in sorting the issue. i feel it should work?





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16 hours ago, pedro82 said:

if anyone has any experience with this

My experience with this is zero; however, if you pass through a device I don't think it is available to be used by the Nvidia Driver Package/docker containers.  Pass through is only necessary if you want to use the GPU in a VM.


I could be wrong as I don't pass through any hardware; however, I am fairly certain it is not possible to use passed through GPU in both a VM and a Docker container without locking up the server.

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I added in Edit settings > VM Options > Advanced > Configuration Parameter > Edit Configuration > Add parameter


KEY:            hypervisor.cpuid.v0

Value:          FALSE


> OK > Then Reboot




Now it shows up :)




You are essentially hiding the fact the Host is a VM from the NVIDIA driver package, as they want to buy a expensive GPU for virtualization. A$$Hol3s.


Hope this helps someone.






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