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i have used Unraid from 2017 for a couple of years then I moved to Synology and now moving back to Unraid and have a few questions:

1- I have the USB drive of my Unraid how do I install the last version and reset the configurations I want to set up everything like new

2- Are there any major changes or tutorials I should read before jumping back in.

Thank you

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9 minutes ago, trurl said:

You will need to copy the license .key file from the config folder on flash, then you can just do a new install of the latest version and put that .key file on.

thank you for the quick reply.

do i need to change the usb ?

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Just now, mfmaa03 said:

thank you for the quick reply.

do i need to change the usb ?

The licence file is tied to the GUID of the flash drive for which it is licensed.    There is a process for transferring the licence to a new USB drive (and black-listing the old one), but you will not need to use that if you continue to use the same USB drive.

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3 minutes ago, ChatNoir said:

Except for plugins, all apps in Community Applications are Docker containers.

I am not sure what you mean ?

sorry you are correct plugins or Docker.

I wanted to install rclone and found both which would be a better choice?

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1 minute ago, mfmaa03 said:

sorry you are correct plugins or Docker.

In general, if an app is available as both a plugin and a Docker container, go with the Docker container.  The whole idea of a container is that it is isolated from other processes on the host and if there is a problem with the container, it should not affect other processes.

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