My Servers Dashboard Always Shows Remote Access (Even on Local Network)

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I have been running the My Servers plugin since mid last year with little to no issues. However just recently within the last week or so My Servers dashboard is constantly showing as remote access, even when I am on my local network. Because of this I cannot login to my server locally. I have tried runningthe unraid-api restart command with no luck.


Any ideas what the issue could be?

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In your browser, visit and note the ip address. This is your WAN IP address that your browser is using to make its Internet connection.


Then from the Unraid webgui open a webterminal and type:


That shows Unraid's WAN IP. 


If those IP addresses are the same then the systems are on the same network and the dashboard will display the Local Access url. If they are different then the systems are on a different network and so we show the Remote Access url.

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