For Sale [US] - Server with everything except hard drives - $495 w/Free Shipping*

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I am selling my backup server with the following components:

  • Fractal Node 304 Mini-ITX case (black) with room for 6 HDDs/SSDs
  • ASRock Rack E3C226D2I Mini-ITX motherboard with 6 SATA ports and IPMI
  • Silverstone ST45SF 450 Watt SFX PSU with adapter bracket
  • Intel i5-4590 CPU with iGPU
  • Stock Intel CPU cooler
  • 16GB (2x8GB) Kingston DDR3 1600 RAM
  • Samsung 830 256GB 2.5" SATA SSD
  • Bonus: 6 SATA III cables including 5 short (8") cables I bought just to reduce cable clutter in the case
  • Bonus 2: 1 Molex to 4x SATA power cable.  I used this to power 3 drives and the 3 connector SATA power cable from the PSU for the other 3

No hard drives are included due to weight and shipping concerns.  I will continue to use them as backups.


This would be a great system to start your unRAID journey or as a backup server for your main server and a fallback if you have issues with main server.


If you are interested in some storage, I have one HGST 4TB and four WD Red 3TB drives for sale here.


This server was powered on once a week via a User Scripts cron job and IPMItools to backup new/changed files and then powered off the same way to await the next week's backup.  It has been powered on less than an hour a week on average.  Usually, it is a matter of 15 minutes or less.


I have researched prices on each of these components and have gone with a low price on each of them.


The $495 price includes up to $60 in shipping cost within the Continental U.S.  If the shipping to your location will be significantly more than $60, we can negotiate an additional shipping charge.


I can accept several forms of electronic payment including Venmo, Square Cash and PayPal.









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