Docker Service Failed to start

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I am getting the following message for my docker service. 


I had added a Mellanox CX-3 card which was working fine. However, when i enabled bonding and added to my truenas vm this issue started. Also connecting to openvpn to pfsense am unable to connect to Truenas VM even though i can connect locally. 


I have attached my diagnostics zip file. Thnx



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The docker system is having a panic (not sure why)


What I would try doing is 

  • Run a memtest if only to rule it out as a cause
  • Settings - Docker - Disable the service
  • Reboot (this may wind up being unclean)
  • Cancel the parity check (shouldn't matter because the reason for the parity check will be the inability to unmount the docker image and nothing to do with the array itself)
  • Settings - Docker - Delete the image and then re-enable (or alternatively just change the name of the image)
  • Apps - Previous Apps - Check off everything you want.


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Thanks. Docker worked. But what was strange is all apps which i had on custom network were now showing network none. Had to manually change it to work. But still cannot access Truenas VM via openvpn whilst can access all other lan clients via openvpn running on pfsense. Can connect through local network to the Truenas VM. Dont know what the issue is here was working before enabling bonding on mellanox cx-3 which is a peer to peer connection between pc and unraid server.

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