Unclean Shutdown Daily

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I'm dealing with unclean shutdown daily and I don't know what is going on... I've read the pinned sticky thread on Unclean Shutdowns. I don't have any VMs or Terminal windows open, I've changed my timers per recommandation but nothing help. I've attached a copy of my diagnostic files and made sure that the syslog was writting on the usb-flash to get all the infos. Hopefully that helps. Thanks guys.


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52 minutes ago, Axel8rate said:

I've read the pinned sticky thread on Unclean Shutdowns.

From that thread:



If an unclean shutdown does occur because the overall "Shutdown time-out" was exceeded, Unraid will attempt to write diagnostics to the /log/ folder on the flash drive.  When you ask for help with an unclean shutdown, post the /log/diagnostics.zip file.  There is information in the log that shows why the unclean shutdown occurred.


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It happened again last night... Here is the new diagnostic after I stopped the array. The Syslog is much bigger today.


4 hours ago, itimpi said:

It is probably worth:

  • taking new diagnostics in case anyone wants to see the current state
  • reboot the system from the array stopped state to see if you can now avoid the unclean shutdown 

Will reboot the system tonight when i get back from work. Thank  you.

syslog unimatrix-diagnostics-20220114-0909.zip

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