Lost Dockers/VM on reboot+adding new disk

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Stop the VM service and docker service in Settings (VM Settings and Docker Settings).  Then

mv /mnt/cache/system/libvirt.img /mnt/cache/system/libvirt.img.new
mv /mnt/cache/system/docker.img /mnt/cache/system/docker.img.new

Restart the VM service


Do the VMs show back up again?  If it does (and it should in theory), then 

rm /mnt/cache/system/libvirt.img.new
rm /mnt/cache/system/docker.img.new


Followed by stopping the each of the services again.  Then change the system share's settings to use Cache: prefer, then Main, run Mover.  After its done, restart each of the services.



Other comments.  The usual setting for use Cache on the appdata share is prefer, for far better performance (and make a backup via the appdata backup plugin)

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