2 Existing PCs, which to take?


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Hi, my other "Server" died and I decided to finally use some easy Software, unraid.


The current Hardware prices are too high for me atm and therefore I want to take one of my old Systems, but I don´t know which one I should take.

Especially thinking about some months in the future where I have filled everything.



AMD 1055T

6Sata + PCIe3 Slots, 14Gb Ram




Atom Board J1900H

2 Sata, 100mbit, PCIE2_x1, 8GB Ram





2 people, not more than one video at a time

File Storage

Plex, Calibre, Ubooquity, szurubooru, Komga, Backup Server

5 disks, 1 SSD


The System is currently running on the Atom Board.

My problem is now that the 1055 had some start problems where it didn´t start reliably anymore, and way more important, the power consumption is quite high.

With the big System we are talking about 50-100€ per year and the Atom around 7€ for power, if I assume 4hours per day, which is too low.

I would have to buy an USB3 to 1GB Adapter + a 4 Sata PCIE Card for the Atom. Which might or might not make problems... They would cost roughly 60€.



My Stuff is currently running on the Atom, it is okay so far. However, the CPU runs at around 18% and Ram 60% when I am doing nothing. Just letting the Containers run and being on the Main Site.

When a 4k HDR film is running the CPU goes up to 60%, when at the same time a Scan runs it goes up to 85%.

When I have to transcode a Subtitle the CPU dies.

I could backup everything and test it on the 1055, but it is not even able to play 4k movies, so I have my doubt that it would be any better for transcoding. However, it should be better for all those Containers.


Expected files:

500 movies, 2500 shows, 1000 books, 100*300 Manga Volumes.



Soo... when you factor in when I have transferred all my stuff and added a parity disk, do you think that the Atom would still be able to run properly?


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