DLNA / UPNP and LMS not being found

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Hi there! (I looked through the forum entries, but could not find my answer. Please forgive, if I have not seen the guidance I am looking for; happy to be pointed in the right direction).


- Set up unraid to replace a Qnap NAS. The Qnap is still running, with Twonky, LMS, Minim active and usable by my network devices: 2 Google TVs, 1 Shield, iPads, iPhones (VLC and iPeng).


- I set up the Unraid and it runs fine. Yet, the only Upnp Server running on the Unraid and that can be found on the network is miniDLNA. Twonky, LMS-latest, Serviio, Jellyfish(?) do net get picked up by my devices when installed on the Unraid. I have the router set to allow UpnP (Qnap upnp / dlna servers wokr fine), checked the DNS in Unraid ETH01 to be set to the router in Unraid.


- Anything else I can try / check / correct to get at least LMS (urgently needed in audio-setup) and Twonky?

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Heya Squid, many thanks!


So, the plugin tells me: 

- UPnP devices on the network have forwarded the following ports through the router: [there is no further info]

- UPnP is enabled on the router, but there are currently no UPnP port forwards setup there.


While miniDLNA is working (perfectly streaming to any device in the house) still no other Upnp server or LMS on unraid can do the same.

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Hey, so I got the LMS working like a charm again. It was the router in the end (Unraid had upnp off, unsure about what impact that had). I hard-reset the router and when adding the machines back to the network, I was asked whether the Unraid machine should have permissions to open ports on its own. That set - all good! :yay:

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