[SOLVED] Tar and Unmenu?

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Hi folks,


So I have what i feel is a pretty dumb question:


To install unMenu per instructions:

"mkdir /boot/unmenu


Download the unmenu_install zip file. [glow=red,2,300]Unzip and move unmenu_install to the /boot/unmenu directory.[/glow]



cd /boot/unmenu

unmenu_install -i -d /boot/unmenu "


So I do:

mkdir /boot/unmenu

cd /boot/unmenu

wget http://unraid-unmenu.googlecode.com/files/unmenu_install1371.zip - Successfully downloads

tar -xzf un*

tar: This does not look like a tar archive"


Im not sure I understand I why can't just wget the unmenu zip, extract it, and install it.... Am I completely missing something here?




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Because .zip != .tgz


You need to unzip the file using unzip which I don't think is installed by default.  Easy solution is to unzip the archive from another machine.  If you have unRAID up and running and haven't monkeyed with the defaults yet the flash drive will be at \\tower\flash and you can just unzip the file over the network.



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