unRAID won't start correctly (fresh install)

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Hello Community, 

short backstory story: I've been using ESXI with multiple virtual machines to serve my needs, (1 server (web server and api server), 1 omv (with docker images), 1 windows vm). This was a little complicated so I've decided to make things a little easier with unRAID. Since I could create my shares in Unraid und run everything (VMs & Docker images) protected from there. Previously I had no redundancy.

After fresh "install" of unRAID and successful parity completing. The Server is stuck on "Starting services ...", libvirt isn't started and docker isn't started as well. Also I cannot create any shares, when I click "add share" in the "shares" tab, enter the details, and click "add share" to finally add the share, the just created share won't show up. 

One of my Disks has "UDMA CRC error count = 6" but after some googling this doesn't seem to be too big of an issue. 

All drives are cmr, bios is with default values (except for virtualization, which is enabled)
16gb Ram, intel i7 4770k, before install I formatted all 4 Disks.


unRAID Version: Version 6.9.2 2021-04-07 (which currently is the latest stable release)


Tried to restart the Machine. I don't have any more expertise lol 👌


Thank your for the help 😊



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