DHCP IP assignment - Plex gets a new one each time regardless...please help

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Good Morning from Western Australia, 


I am an UNRAID newbie BUT i am not a windows novice at all. I have setup an UNRAID server on a Proliant ML150 G6 duel Processor machine with 62 TB

of disk space over 4 drives which are hardware RAID 0 set in the BIOS.


regardless of that, I have set up in my NETCOMM NF18MESH internet router/modem a permanent DCHP IP address for the UNRAID server for for its' MAC

address. Here lies the problem. every time it boots up, it gives the PLEX server a new IP address, so when I run PLEX it will say something like or what ever,

and there for that IP is not reserved nor is the port forwarding reserved so I can't log into it.


Has anyone experienced such a problem before??


I would appreciate all constructive help possible.


cheers from the formerly Covid free capital of the World.

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Plex (unless you've changed it) runs as Network type Host.  You simply forward 32400 to 32400 (Server's IP address)


If you've changed Plex to run as BR0, (don't know why you would), then you can assign it a specific IP address in the 192 range


If you've changed Plex to run as bridge (really don't know why you would) then yes the internal IP of 172.xx would change, but the net result is the same you still forward to the server's IP and the docker system takes care of the rest.


If you still have problems, then post the applicable xml file from /config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user/my-plex.xml on the flash drive here

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