Docker out of space - How to fix 11+ GB Plex log file?

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Hi all,


I have been running Unraid for several months now without issue w/ numerous Docker containers. Today I noticed nextcloud was not working and tried to update it and got an error "no space left on device". This seemed curious to me. Then, I looked at the container sizes and can see Plex has a 11.1 GB log file. Yikes! I assume this is what is eating the space on my docker image.


I've searched around a bit for a solution but I'm stumped on how to clear this log and re-gain this space back. And of course, how to prevent such a huge log file in the first place.


Thanks for your suggestions!


Name                              Container     Writable          Log
binhex-krusader                     1.92 GB      35.6 MB      84.9 kB
homeassistant                       1.38 GB      24.1 kB       716 kB
binhex-delugevpn                    1.30 GB      3.45 MB      1.51 MB
sonarr                               665 MB      33.8 MB      2.42 MB
Plex-Media-Server                    626 MB      1.01 MB      11.1 GB
macinabox                            603 MB      31.5 kB      49.4 kB
lidarr                               479 MB       137 MB      1.62 MB
nextcloud                            439 MB       246 kB      5.34 kB
jackett                              354 MB       107 MB      7.57 MB
pihole-template                      320 MB      18.3 MB      5.48 kB
mariadb                              292 MB      15.0 kB      4.68 kB
sabnzbd                              229 MB       304 kB      2.10 MB
NginxProxyManager                    186 MB      16.4 kB       880 kB
adminer                             88.9 MB         24 B        154 B
GluetunVPN                          32.5 MB          0 B      12.8 MB
duckdns                             26.5 MB      9.82 kB       622 kB
Total size                          8.94 GB       337 MB      11.1 GB
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And your Plex container logs aren't being flooded with errors or anything? Not the Plex Server logs - the Plex container log itself (Click on Plex docker -> Logs)


That's where I'd start. Jackett and GluTunVPN look suspiciously large too.

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