My Servers keeps signing in/out

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I am using 6.10rc2 and just upgraded to the latest 'my servers' plugin - 2022.01.25, since doing that when accessing the GUI the 'my servers' keeps loging in/out, it is very frustrating as I can't update any settings - is anyone else seeing this?





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The My Servers dashboard still shows that it is offline but it is accessible.


On all screens except the Management Access screen, the top-left continues to revert to "Sign In" within about 3 seconds.


The Management Access settings screen now refreshes every ~2 seconds. When it refreshes, it displays my user name then immediately revers to "Sign In" then immediately refreshes.

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I'm having the same issues with 2022.01.25. I restarted "unraid-api" from the console a few times and logged in and it just goes back to Sign in.  When I go to the Management Access settings, the page keeps refreshing every second as it's trying to sign in over and over.   I'm not using any beta release of Unraid. This is on the 6.9.2 release.

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